What are the University of Minnesota Leadership Challenges?

The Leadership Challenges, Competencies and Behaviors framework was specifically designed to align with the University of Minnesota organizational strategy. The framework was created by Leadership and Talent Development (LTD) in the Office of Human Resources, and the first challenge (i.e., Equity and Diversity), competencies and behaviors was created in partnership with the Office for Equity and Diversity.

The purpose of this framework is to outline the leadership expectations, skills and behaviors required at each leadership level in the organization. The leadership competencies and behaviors are developed around six core challenges:

  • Equity and Diversity: Creating a strong organizational climate and structure of access and inclusion as the critical elements and core values in achieving excellence.
  • Results: Finding ways to drive and support innovation while increasing the efficient use of resources.
  • Vision: Setting the right direction, navigating difficult decisions, and aligning resources with priorities.
  • Engagement: Building and sustaining high performing teams and departments while retaining top talent.
  • Collaboration: Working well as part of a team and collaborating with—and influencing—a diverse range of individuals and groups.
  • Accountability: Establishing and maintaining a reputation for integrity and personal accountability.

This framework provides the foundation for all of LTD's leadership development programs and is the exact framework used in 360-degree feedback assessments and individual self-assessments.