360-degree Development Feedback Assessment

The 360-degree Development Feedback Assessment for leadership development involves a point-in-time process through which feedback is gathered from many different perspectives. The feedback is in the form of quantitative (ratings on leadership behaviors) and qualitative (open-ended feedback on strengths and areas of opportunities for growth). The leadership behaviors are defined by the University’s leadership competencies. This framework was developed around six core leadership challenges: Equity and Diversity, Results, Vision, Engagement, Collaboration, and Accountability.

A range of people, including the leader’s manager (required), are invited to provide feedback via this tool. An LTD consultant will help the leader determine the list of participants that can also include colleagues, internal and external stakeholders, direct and indirect reports as well as students. In addition to the participants the leader and consultant agree to invite to participate, the leader will also complete a self-assessment. Most people complete the assessment in less than 20 minutes.

The feedback from the assessment can be used to inform the leader’s development plan. The feedback is confidential and the leader can choose to share their results with others. Whether or not to do so can be discussed with the consultant in terms of how that may or may not support their development goals.

The 360-degree Feedback Assessment helps leaders:

  • Understand the Leadership Challenges, Competencies, and Behaviors deemed important for leadership roles at the University of Minnesota
  • Increase self-awareness by understanding their strengths and development opportunities in their current leadership role
  • Determine where gaps exist between their intentions and others’ perceptions and develop strategies to better align them
  • Identify the next steps in their leadership development and align those actions with the strategic needs of the college/unit.


  1. The Leadership and Talent Development (LTD) consultant meets with the leader to discuss the process in detail including:
    • Current context for the leader and their desired outcome from this process
    • Planned timeline
    • Rater selection
    • Email templates
  2. The leader creates the rater roster
  3. The leader sends an email to the raters alerting them to the forthcoming assessment and notifies the LTD Consultant of any email errors
  4. The LTD Consultant forwards the rater roster to the assessment administrator
  5. The assessment is launched and remains open for approximately three weeks
  6. Midway through the assessment, the LTD Consultant contacts the leader if additional email reminders are needed to increase responses
  7. The assessment closes, results are calculated, the report is generated and quality checked
  8. The LTD Consultant meets with the leader to review the assessment feedback and discuss the development plan.

For more information on the 360-degree Development Feedback Assessment process, contact [email protected].